Die casting equipments


The quality of our products is is guaranteed by our collaboration with S.C. RAAL SA Bistrita, certified by ISO 9001; 2000 and ISO / TS 16949 ; 2002

Bistrita ROMANIA

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Fax: +40 363 401 743

Equipment endowment

  • gas blast furnace with a capacity of 600kg. each, produced by Marconi- Technofusione (Italy),
  • gas blast furnace with a capacity of 200kg. and 250kg. with graphite crucible,
  • hydraulic machines for shell handling,
  • mechanical saws with vertical band,
  • grinders for deburring,
  • grinders with belt sander for finished parts,
  • lathes, milling, drilling and threading machines
  • horizontal and vertical CNC's made by HURCO (Germany), DOOSAN, etc.

We are currently investing in:

  • blast installations for metal shells
  • a laboratory for : metallographic spectrometry, metallographic radiography, mechanical testing of cast
  • Existing facilities, with the latest ovens and new processing centers, allows high quality castings and machining.
  • Foundry capacity, depending on orders, may be increased to 60 tons per month.
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